Butte-Glenn Medical Society Alliance

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In collaboration with Chico's A Call for Community Action


The Butte Glenn Medical Society and Alliance


Fleet Feet Chico

Enloe Medical Center

Oroville Hospital

Feather River Hospital

Biggs-Gridley Memorial Hospital

Butte County Office of Education


 Prescription drug addiction grabs headlines when it sends celebrities spinning out of control, but it also plagues many people out of the spotlight who grapple with the addiction behind closed doors.  In Chico, we have seen prescription drug abuse mixed with alcohol claim the life’s of many college students.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has classified prescription drug abuse as an epidemic. While there has been a marked decrease in the use of some illegal drugs like cocaine, data from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) show that nearly one-third of people aged 12 and over who used drugs for the first time in 2009 began by using a prescription drug non-medically.

Some individuals who misuse prescription drugs, particularly teens, believe these substances are safer than illicit drugs because they are prescribed by a healthcare professional and dispensed by a pharmacist. Addressing the prescription drug abuse epidemic is top priority for public health.  It will also help build stronger communities and allow those with substance abuse disorders to lead healthier, more productive lives.

A special Thank You goes to the City of Chico, Butte County Sheriff's Office, Diamond Hotel and the Chico Police Department for playing a fundamental role in making this event happen.